AptEdge was founded on the belief that as companies scale with more features and faster releases, Support organizations require higher efficiency at managing issues and escalations that result from continuous product updates. We analyze support tickets and apply machine learning to maximize support efficiency. With AptEdge, we provide Support teams an edge to work faster in just 2 minutes.


Automate Categorization

Identify categorizes and sentiment on 1000s of tickets in minutes using Machine Learning

Prevent Escalations

Detect emerging trends in real-time to collaborate and prioritize issues

Resolve Tickets Faster

Accelerate ticket response with intelligent workflows
Our Product

Create a better customer experience.

Our product makes Support teams more efficient by providing a platform to automate ticket analysis, detect emerging trends that lead to escalations, and accelerate ticket response through intelligent workflows. We integrate in just 2 minutes to provide immediate value.

Our Product

Build for customer success.

Unlock insights hidden in customer data with Machine Learning to prevent escalations and move faster.

Create Positive Customer Experiences